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The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Reader’s Attention

By Alex Collins | Blogging Tips

The role of information on the Internet is significant for any business with an Internet presence to understand.

How to grab the reader’s attention

People will visit the blog to get their knowledge as well as for social interaction and fun.

For the small, independent net business owner, part of your path to success lies with improving your writing.

The value of your content increasing is the logical extension of that. However, writing always tends to remind most people of the torture of English teachers dispensing challenging writing assignments.

Words to grab the reader’s attention

Writing content does not have to be that hard, and we will show you why.

Real-life cases are exceptional for helping you to stimulate your readers. You do not have to spend more than a few minutes finding them; we have done it quite a few times.

When you are hoping to put this approach to work every once in a while, you will be giving your readers something with which they can identify and connect with you on each post on your blog.

It is incredibly important if you want to be successful, that you are good at grabbing your readers’ attention and getting them to be emotionally invested in you. Everything you do that adds to the most desired effect will cumulatively add-up, and that makes for fantastic content.

Everyone, including you, has their writing voice as long as they don’t try to hide it when writing. Your voice comes from your personality and is unique to you. The reason you have to allow your writing voice to emerge naturally is it will empower your writing.

 Because it gives everything you write its individuality that can’t be found anywhere else is why we use the term allow. Once your voice begins to express itself in your writing, then it will continue to develop with its strengths.

Continuing with our theme of using stories on your blog, once in a while, talk about a story from your life. The best effect makes it necessary to relate it to your niche or audience in … Read more

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How To Get More Traffic To Your Website in 2019 For Free

By Alex Collins | Blogging Tips

how to get more traffic to your website in 2019

Wring blogging is a great thing you need to try in 2019. The question for today is how to get more traffic to your website in 2019 for free ’cause I don’t have money to spend on ads which I totally understand.

How to increase traffic on the website?

There are two ways to get traffic. There are paid ads and then there are free ads.

how to get more traffic to your website in 2019

Typically most of us in business we have either more time or more money. So if you have more time than money you should do free ads. If you have more money than time you should do paid ads.

And so if you’re getting started I recommend starting with the time but always try to move into money ’cause money gives you more leverage. Eventually, you run out of hours of the day and if you’re like me you got five amazing kids at home that you don’t want to miss them growing up.

That’s number one.

How do you get the free ads to come?

So really, the way you get free ads? A couple of things you have to understand how the internet works and how life in general works. So if you go pre-internet, it used to be really, really hard for people like us who had an idea who wanted to sell something. Let’s say I wrote my book Expert Secrets. I’m like this book’s amazing, I’m gonna go read it and recommend it to our friend. I don’t want to be an expert.

It makes no logical sense.

So I go to the next door and this is really, really hard. But what’s interesting, I remember this in high school. So when I grew up in high school, I went to Hillcrest High School and I was a wrestler.
What’s interesting is I was the click guy in wrestling.

Here are all of the wrestlers and we’d hang out at lunch together, we’d talk together, we’d hang out in the hallway, in classes, we were our own little circle.

And then there were the gymnasts and … Read more

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